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Top 10 tech gifts

Dec 09 2010, 9:20 am 0 Marco Russo

Fourth stage of our list of ideas for your Christmas gifts. Follow next week for the last tips and the gift ideas you’ve been desperately looking for! After the “Top 10 Fashion“, “TOP 10 Design” and “Top 10 for Pets“, today we present our Top 10 tech gifts:
Top 10 tech gifts - Photo 1
1 – Looxcie LX1: A mini bluetooth camera that, applied to the ear, records a constant video stream, storing the last 30 seconds, but doesn’t save anything until the user decides. In addition, using the free Looxcie app for I-phone, you can save the last 30 seconds of video and share them with friends or store them on the phone. Available at
Budget: 199 dollars
Top 10 tech gifts - Photo 2
2 – Kinect for Xbox 360: Kinect offers a revolutionary new way to play and have fun, without the controller. Available at all videogames stores.
Budget: 150 euros
Top 10 tech gifts - Photo 3
3 – Swap phone: This new watch called “sWaP Rebel” features a built-in phone and lots of other geeky stuff, such as a USB stick built into the strap, touchscreen color display, camera, FM radio, Bluetooth and much more. Available at
Budget: 190 pounds
Top 10 tech gifts - Photo 4
4 – Overlay Multitouch: Overlay Multitouch is a frame that, superimposed on any LCD, Plasma or rear-projector 32 to 103 inches, is able to turn it into a full touchscreen multigesture. Available at
Budget: starting from 1.300 euros
Top 10 tech gifts - Photo 5
5 – Jawbone Jambox: The first Bluetooth speaker, hands-free, compact, durable and ultra-powerful, we talked you about here.
Budget: 199,99 dollars
Top 10 tech gifts - Photo 6
6 – Aldebaran Robotics Nao: Nao is a sophisticated robot with a voice recognition program that allows it to literally do everything
you tell. To watch it in action watch this video. Available at
Budget: 4.800 dollars
Top 10 tech gifts - Photo 7
7 – Electronic Notepad: Say goodbye to post-it and blackboards: the electronic notebook can record short video messages that your friends and family can see through the integrated display. Available at
Budget: 27,50 pounds.
Top 10 tech gifts - Photo 8
8 – Cybertecture Mirror: Cybertecture Mirror is constructed with a reflective display, and integrates Wi-Fi stereo speaker and a 10W through which, for example, you can listen to your favorite web radio or the audio of YouTube videos. There are also some applications, including a fitness contol. Available at
Budget: about 5.470 euros
Top 10 tech gifts - Photo 9
9 – Google Tv by Sony: Television meets the Internet thanks to this TV powered by Google. You can surf the Internet and watch your favorite programs simultaneously on the same screen. Available at
Budget: starting from 600 dollars
Top 10 tech gifts - Photo 10
10 – Hi-fun: A range of accessories compatible with mobile phones and MP3 players ranging from hats, to ear muffs, to pillows, all with high-performance super flat speaker that let you listen to your favorite music or answer your calls. Available at
Budget: starting from 29,90 euros

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