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Interview with Alb and Rose designer

Interview with Alb and Rose designer

Feb 16 2011, 9:22 am 0 Monica Bogliolo

The designers we interview today loves to defines herself a craftswoman; she’s a young Italian girl, with a course of study and a personal background that led her to create her brand “Alb & Rose – Bijoux”.
Q – Tell us a little about you and your work.
A – My name is Rosalba, I’m 28 years old and live in a small town in Italy. In life I’m a creative, for work and for passion: I am a designer of exhibition,interiors and furniture stands and in my spare time I like to design and manufacture jewelry and fashion accessories. After a path which leads me to graduate in art school and specialize on “Jewellery Design”, I founded in 2006 “Alb & Rose – Bijoux”, a brand that embodies the experience gained in recent years in terms of jewelry and fashion accessories, experimenting with new techniques and with an eye for materials, quality and price.
Q – Where do you get inspiration for your line of accessories?
A – The inspiration comes in different ways, sometimes I try to follow some patterns found on the internet or some magazines and meanwhile my imagination and my experience have the best and I end up doing something totally different. In the case of my hand embroidered pashminas, inspiration is totally random and very tied to the feelings of the moment and the color of the stole: so I take needle, thread and beads and I start … the result will only be visible at the end.
Q – Tell us how do the accessories “Alb & Rose” born.
A – The jewelry and accessories “Alb & Rose” born as single pieces, combining crafts, tradition, research and quality. Each piece is entirely handmade with high quality materials that I create in the lab where I purchase the components including: Murano glass beads, Swarovski crystals (with certificate), half-crystals, Japanese cultured pearls, precious stones and then organza, cotton, wool, felt, fimo, etc … Creating a jewej doesn’t mean simply threadin a gem after another, but keep studying the latest fashion trends, looking for particular (and why not alternative) materials, color theory, research o new and traditional techniques … but the thing that makes an accessory “Alb & Rose” unique is the passion with which I realize it: who buys an “Alb & Rose” jewel knows to have an object that is original, unique, not standardized, and made lots and lots of passion.
Q – What advice would you give to a novice designer?
A – I will definitely recommend to follow the instinct and the heart: don’t stop if you get a “no” and if you truly believe in a project and in youe skills, go your own way … Is certainly not always an easy path, you may face many obstacles but if you keep on. you’ll succed! So, roll up your sleeves and get to work!
Q – Plans for the future?
A – Many, perhaps too many, and time is running out! Now I’m finishing Spring/Summer 2011 collections: I will continue to enrich the line “cotton yarn” with lots of accessories and crocheted, and for Fall/Winter 11-12 season I’m going to experiment a little creative sewing and try some knit!
I thank Rosalba for contacting us and being so kind with me. Best wishes for your work!

Designer: Alb & Rose

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