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Interview with Alcheo

Interview with Alcheo

Feb 24 2011, 8:23 am 0 Monica Bogliolo

Q – Tell us a little about you and your work.
A – My name is Anna Righi, I’m 28 years living and working in a little Italian town. I graduated in Computer graphics in 2001 and the period after graduation was a succession of courses of various kinds. My thousand interests led me over the years not to focus on a single goal but continuously seek to expand and found new projects to follow. I started working in the company of my brother about four years ago (he runs two portals selling accessories for PC), and after a period of adjustment, I decided that I should pursue a project of my own and create my own career path. And here born Alcheo.
Q – What is this project all about?
A – ALCHEO has always been my nikname and when I needed to find a name I chose it without thinking. In practice, my project consists primarily in creative research: I go around to fairs, exhibitions and so on, and I propose to those who have a production of accessories/items of furniture or clothing to work with me. The choice is based on my personal taste but also on more specific parameters, such as research for materials, shape, the preciousness of the product. Selling on the Internet is not easy and we should focus on products in a limited edition, unique pieces, researched in details, in fact, stand out is always the best choice in this area.
Q – What are the creatives you work with now?
A – I’m currently working with:
- “Agnese LaboratorioModa” by Agnese Scolaro, fashion designer who makes vintage looking t-shirts embellished with lace, handmade buttons …
- “LùLà Creations”, which makes unique pieces made entirely by hand with a search for materials that can range from simple fabrics, with vintage buttons, plastic gloves, sponges, old toys, …
- “Polly Bijoux”, the product of visionary Carlotta Balestrieri, who is first of all a young painter and writer. Her creations are the natural expression of the interest and passion for fashion and art.
- Maria Diana, offering new collections each year, inspired by nature and literature. The techniques used range from traditional ceramics to porcelain, depending on the object.
I also collaborate with creative people and designers who work in my area and provide new products to put on the site. Coming for spring/summer 2011 are the creations of Ilaria Saccani, made with copper, fabrics and precious stones. We also have a partnership with a girl that makes shopping bags and leather bags and clutches using materials recovered from the inventories of textile factories and shops.
Q – What skills a designer must have to become part of the project ALCHEO?
A – To collaborate with us specific skills are not necessary. Before I propose or accept a partnership I try to evaluate various aspects, such as product cost, commercial availability, materials used and the philosophy of creation. I prefer people who have a well-defined style, whow use innovative materials and who think in terms of cost and wearability of the object they make. Creativity always fascinates me, so if I find someone who can develop this concept, is always welcome.
Q – What do you think of the condition of young emerging talents in Italy?
A – Unfortunately with my experience I have found that in Italy all that pertains to creativity is a bit put in the background … I think there is great difficulty in being able to find its own niche in the market, beign well-connected still has a very substantial weight. I have decided of my own free will to undertake this journey, but I realize after several years of how hard it is to emerge and be heard. Fortunately (or unfortunately, in some cases) the Internet gives everyone the opportunity to make themselves known and to promote their own idea or product, and if you know a little this media, with time and patience you can get noticed. I have personally contacted designers found via Bloglovin, Facebook or Fashiolista! I think that we should use every mean in our possession, and who has a winning idea will make it sooner or later …
Q – Plans for the future …
A – I hope I can find good collaboration, to create a portal always more interesting, adding new applications and increasingly rich photo gallery and be know throughout Italy (and beyond). I will participate as a speaker at the “Fashion Camp“, an event that takes place in Milan on 10 and 11 June and soon you’ll also find me at “Vanita’s Market“, a traveling market of vintage, upciclyng and self-productions, in Iseo (Italy) every first Sunday of each month.

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