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Interview with L’Attaccabottone designer

Interview with L’Attaccabottone designer

Feb 09 2011, 12:13 pm 0 Monica Bogliolo

Another designer came under our magnifying glass. This time it’s Clara and her lovely accessories.
Q – Tell us a little about you and your work.
A – My name is Clara Porta and I was born in a little Italian town. Now I live in Rome. I am a graphic/web designer. I love photography, I am passionate about tailoring, creative reuse, and I love all that can be accomplished using the hands and mind. I often think I need days of 48 hours, but then I tell myself I can fill them in any case, my ideas often exceed the time I have to carry them out. In my free time I make accessories for my project: “L’Attaccabottone”.
Q – Where do you get inspiration for your line of accessories?
A – Prpbably it all began with the purchase of a vintage coat. It was love at first sight: it’s made with pieces of fabrics with retro patterns, used to coat curtains and baroque sofas. So I got the idea to ask a friend of mine who sells curtains if he could give me scraps of fabric. He came to my house with a lot of samples and, watching them spread on my bed, a lot of ideas on how to use them came to my mind … The name “L’Attaccabottone” (the buttonholer) comes from the idea that all my accessories (from handbags, to hats, scarves, collars, necklaces, bracelets …) will be decorated with
buttons, the central thread; I like the idea of decorating with buttons, because it’s a pity not to use them just because they are
unmatched in the various drawers in the house!
Q – Tell us how do the accessories “L’Attaccabottone” born.
A – The creative process is very simple: try to use clothing and accessories commonly used, in an unusual and original way, re-using and taking advantage of things every day, just seeing them with a different perspective and purpose. The basic element, in addition to buttons, is to use fabrics that have other purpose, such as: curtains, coats, pants, pillowcases, sheets … In short, I try to
give new life to clothes that were bored of the daily routine.
Q – What advice would you give to a novice designer?
A – I don’t know if I’m the right person to give advice on this topic. I just think that you born creative, I often see in my mind what I will realize before I do it, and I just think of what method and process to use to achieve it. The advice is to simply create with your heart, with passion: the result is surely guaranteed!
Q – Plans for the future?
A – A lot! The largest, which perhaps I will realize soon, is the creation of a point in Rome, where realize my items, do workshops, create opportunities to meet in a creative environment to exchange ideas, read a book, drink a glass of wine, all based on the life philosophy of environmental sustainability, recycling and sharing. I am currently attending a course in tailoring to sharpen my technical skills; after that I’d like to learn how to make felt hats. In short: who hesitates is lost!
I thank Clara for the time she dedicated to me and I wish her best luck for her projects.

Designer: L’Attaccabottone

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