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Manuele Galante Couture

Manuele Galante Couture

Dec 23 2010, 9:14 am 0 Monica Bogliolo

Today we present Manuele Galante, a young Italian talent that is entering on tiptoe into the world of fashion. A fine example of creativity and desire for redemption of the Italian youth, the mistreated …
Q – Tell us something about you and your love for fashion …
A – Enter the world of fashion is a passion and love, something I always wanted. Perhaps unconsciously at the beginning. In fact, I remember the days of high school a few episodes like those during school hours: I found myself designing dress models instead of follow the lesson. When I was presented the opportunity, while working, I joined the Academy of Fine Arts in Fashion Design where through drawing, anatomy, history of costume and fashion, art history, modeling and tailoring I expanded my personal baggage on fashion.
Q – What inspires you in creating your own clothes?
A – Until a few months ago, the idea behind the creation of clothing and was to surprise. Making clothes at the edge of wearable but created specifically for the fashion shows … just to impress. It would be too easy to make a simple sheath dress, but adding a structure that makes you almost forget that it’s a dress, this creates surprise, hits the eye, if we add the color psychology then we can really create magic. So the combination of unusual shapes and sinuous but in harmony with the strong contrast of colors and fabrics are suitable for the theme of my mini collections until a few months ago. Knowing that people feel my own emotions for my clothes means that my ideas are right and that makes me happy. For some months now I’m drawing more wearable collections. As a great creative director of a major Italian fashion house pointed out to me, the right question to ask in the implementation of a dress is “who will wear these clothes?” I’m trying to give the answer through this collection I hope to be able to sell short.
Q – What are your favorite designers, the ones that affect you and hit you?
A – Dior for its ease of making great clothes, John Galliano for Dior for its ability to interpret the wonderful ideas and creations of Christian Dior, Alexander McQueen for his brilliant madness, Roberto Capucci, the dress sculptor, who is able to make real clothes out of anything that can think.
Q – You are very young but already have a considerable wealth of experience. What were those which mean the most to you?
A – Every experience enriches me more and more. Starting from scratch is very difficult, but allows you to learn continuously and to meet people who share the same passion without being bound by something or someone. 2010 and ‘was a year full of shows. The one that made me most proud was that during the parade of MISS WORLD ITALY, where the winner at national level and number 6 in the world in the final Miss World 2010 in China, Giada Pezzaioli, wore some of my clothes with extreme happiness.
Q – How do you see yourself in 10 years?
A – If I were to answer with one word I would say “happy.” I hope to be, because this will mean that I will be successful through the efforts to render the work a “game”. Happy at work, but particularly in family and with family.
Q – Plans for the future …
A – Conquer the World! I hope, beyond selling my women’s clothing, an early collaboration who will take me to launch my first men’s line. But I can not go into details!
Thank you Manuele and best luck with your work.

Designer: Manuele Galante

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